Simple syncing in Premiere Pro 2020?

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We used TentacleSync on a recent shoot. Never mind the fact that we used 2 cameras at times, I just want a way to drop everything into PP and sync it. We shot on BRAW (BM raw files), and the files from the camera sound like they are screeching. I lined up the audio with the video (screeching audio included) clips and used PP’s syncing option once I right-clicked. It doesn’t line up at all. Instead, the audio will always shift to the right and not be aligned. There’s also no consistencies in the “shift”, as it is rather random.
The software TentacleSync gives me doesn’t recognize BRAW files, so I can’t even go with that work around option — one that I’d rather not do. Also, this project is a feature, so transcoding the files aren’t an option either (so TS software recognizes it).
Shame on me for not testing this system ahead of time. I trusted a colleague to set this up and it seems to have backfired. Whenever we didn’t use TS (on a few shots), PP’s sync function works great using the audio alone.
Any thoughts? Am I missing something?

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So your saying I need to create proxies, of a sort, and then sync the audio to the proxies in Tentacle Sync Studio.

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