Since installing macOS Mojave Tentacle Sync Does Not Read MXF Audio Timecode

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Yesterday I imported Sony F7 MXF files and Tentacle Sync studio read the audio timecode just fine.  This morning I installed macOS Mojave and now the exact same files do not sync at all —Tentacle Sync says there is no audio timecode present, even though I can hear it when playing back the files.  Do you know of any workarounds or when we might see a fix for this?

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We have adressed this issue in the latest beta version of Sync Studio. Please download version 1.18beta (build 3012) here:

Another workaround for Versions prior to V1.18 is to use the Apple Pro Video Formats MXF importer instead of the Tentacle MXF importer. Sorry for the inconveniences!

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