Software license multiple computers?

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Can I have my Tentacle Sync software on multiple computers at once without deactivating one or the other?


Hi Kepka,

this depends on the license type you have:

  • If you bought a standalone license via our online shop you can install it on two computers. This is for people who would like to install the software on their editing system computer and additionally on their laptop. So with standalone license you can install the software on two computers at the same time but legally you are only allowed to use one at the same time.
  • If you are a Tentacle device owner you get a free software license for each of them. The license key for device licenses is limited to one computer. So if you have one Tentacle (single set) you can only install the software on one computer, if you have two Tentacles (standard set) you have two licenses wich you can install on two computers.

But as a Tentacle owner you have always an other option: You can activate the software temporarily by connecting a Tentacle device via usb. This works all the time, on any computer and independent from the license key. But only as long as the Tentacle is connected to this computer.


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