Sony FX3 Audio TC recorded on channel 2 (via XLR) Sync Studio doesn’t find Audio TC


We recorded the signal from our Tentacle Sync E via XLR (audio handle) on the audio channel 2 of our Sony FX3 (Channel 1 was camera mic). Unfortunately Tentacle Sync Studio can’t find the signal on the audio track and says “No Audio Timecode found”.

Is there any solution or workaround to this problem?

I have seen some similar question on this issue with the FS7, but found no answer.

If there is any explanation, I would appreciate your answer.

Thanks in advance!

Answered question

Hi, if you are using Final Cut there’s an audio effect called “gain” with the possibility to swap audio channels. Maybe you have to run through this process before you import your video to Tentacle Studio, making sure that you export the video out of FCPX in the same quality than it used to be. And yes, the TC has to be on the left channel. Kind regards.

Answered question
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