SONY X70 and Tentacle

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I want to sync two SONY X70 cameras and a ZOOM H4n recorder. Which hardware is required?

Am I correct in that I need three Tentacles in all, a two-kit and an additional one?

Which additional cables will I need?

Will I have to sacrifice one XLR-in on each camera, or is there another TC-in port on the SONYs?

Thank you!


Yes, you will need a Tentacle for each recording device. Although they might have timecode built in, the internal generators of those devices lack of stability and do not feature a dedicated TC Input to set them from outside.

Tentacle does standard SMPTE 12M timecode wich is defined as an audio signal. So the solution is to record this signal to one audio track of each device. The good thing is that you can “upgrade” those cameras and recorders with real SMPTE timecode. That bad thing is that you need to sacrifice one audio track for this.

In your case I would recommend to use “Tentacle to XLR” adapter for the X70. The 3,5mm Sync Cable for the Zoom H4n is already included in each Tentacle Set.