Sync Audio Limited A10-TX with old Tentacle line ouput

2.11K viewsA10-TX Audio Limited audio LTD unable to jam

I have problems with Sync-ing Audio Limited A10-TX transmitter with old Tentacle set at line output.
When Tentacle is set at line level out put. And i use an original Audio LTD supplied ”tc in“ cable.
And the transmitter is set to “external sync” the digits change not logicaly, some times. And when you want to jam the time code. “Unable to jam” is displayed.
sometimes you can jam the tc after trying a few times. But very often the timecode is incorrect.
probably the line level output on the tentacle is higher than “standard” line level output.
sync’n from an sounddevices 633 works perfect, or even via an xdcam hd camera.
but I like to use 1 tentacle as master using “iPhone” time. And sync al others with that one. (633, A10-TX’s, Camera’s, other 633’s)
I think i have the solution:
set mic – line level bar almost half way in the tentacle set up app.
And the Audio LTD A10-TX transmitter/recorder sync normal en accurate.
Does anyone have the same experience?!

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