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Is there any plan to improve the algorithm behind the Automatically set Sync Groups in Tentacle Sync Studio or include more options? More specifically, I use several synched audio recorders and in my workflow audio files are stored daily in a different folder for each recorder. At the moment I have to assign Sync Group manually every time to prevent the App from putting all the audio files on a single track (and hence correctly synching only one of them with the camera track). It would be great if the App could automatically assign the audio files in different folders to different audio groups.

I imagine that, alternatively, the App could also infer the ID of the different recorders from the metadata. And maybe that’s already what the App does, but I wouldn’t know, as at the moment it doesn’t seem able to differentiate audio files coming from different Zaxcom recorders.

On another note, in the option “Automaticlly Apply AV Shift on Import”, the first word is misspelled.

By the way, amazing App!

Thank you,



Hi Simon,

thanks for the feedback! We are always interested in improving Tentacle Sync Studio to make things even easier 🙂

Regarding the sync group enumeration: Sync Studio does not look for folders because we do not want to force people to use a specific folder structure. Instead the software looks for metadata inside the files. This metadata is something like serial number, manufacturer, firmware, model information or different codec types. All this can help to identify files of specific devices. For Wave files we get the data from the “bext” chunk (broadcast wave extension) and the “iXML” chunk of the file. But as there is no standard what has to be inside this chunks, manufacturer implementations are totally different. Sound Devices does a really good job here. They put everything they can into the metadata including serial number, UIDs for file sets and track naming.

I only have a few files here recorded with a Zaxcom recorder (and I even don’t know what recorder, because it is not written into the metadata…) but these are quite old. So maybe you can send me some short files from all the different recorders you have and I will try to pull out as many useful metadata as possible. If you are interested, you can upload the files to support (at) tentaclesync com.

What Tentacle Sync Studio did recognize and find inside the metadata of files you can see in the info-panel. Just select a file and hit cmd-i.

And by the way, I have already corrected the misspelling 🙂


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