Sync map not working, despite two clips having identical timecode

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Hi! I’m trying to sort out why I’m having trouble syncing. I have a sound clip that has the same timecode as the camera clip I\’m attempting to sync with, but the sync map in Tentacle Sync Studio won’t pair the two.

There were some mistakes made with the files themselves, the audio files were recorded at true 24 while the camera files were recorded at 23.98, but both files have the same timecode numbers of 13:05:51:21 (where the camera file starts, and after the sound file starts), and shouldn’t that allow the two to at least sync up from that point? The camera also had an incorrect date, but I made sure that the setting “Use file creation date to separate footage of multiple shooting days” is turned OFF.

Why are the sound files being placed well before the video files on the sync map, despite having the same timecode within each file?

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