Sync software chooses File TC while Audiotrack TC is selected

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We encountered a problem while trying to sync 4 sources with Tentacle Sync Studio for Mac.
We tried to sync 2 audiobatches from a Sound Devices 664 and a Sound Devies 633 with WAV Poly files (both synced on ext TC with Tentacles), a batch of files from a Sony F5 synced with a Tentacle on file TC (BNC TC-in) and a batch from a Sony FS7 with TC written on audiotrack 2 (Tentacle on Mic level, recording level around -18dB).

The 663, 664 and F5 sync without problems but the problems occur with the FS7. The software recognizes the timecode written on audiotrack 2 and the editor can select that as the source for syncing (and NOT the file TC. Which is close to the Tentacle TC but not in sync). But after syncing the software says it dit not recognize the TC audiotrack on the FS7 and it looks like it synced to the file TC from the FS7.

Any suggestions on how to approach and/or resolve this?


I am sorry, but I don’t understand your problem. Could you be more specific and explain me step by step what you have done? Screenshots are also very helpful.

Here are some other questions:

“The problem i’ve encountered was when trying to sync the cameras with the audio files at once.
I can see that it recognized the audio timecode (FS5 channel 1, FS7 channel 2)
Selected the right tracks to use for the sync,”

How did you select the tracks?

“but after syncing the software uses the timecode of the fs7 files instead of the audio channel 2. “

What software do you mean? Do you mean Tentacle Sync? What means after syncing? Do you mean after exporting? When yes, what export method did you use? XML Export? Media Export? AAF Export?


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