Sync Software for Windows?

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I thought that there will be at least a beta for Windows before Christmas? What happened to the Windows port?


Hi Christian,

like all things in life, it sometimes can take a litte bit longer…

What we have promised is not a port of the syncing software. We have promised an Audio Timecode reading and embedding tool. We are currently working on this and the beta phase will start in the next two weeks.



That’s good news anyway! Public beta or closed testing?


It’s closed public 🙂 We will announce it on facebook and twitter how you can apply to become a beta tester.


Is there any news on the windows software?

We’re an Adobe centered windows only production house and we would really like to use the Tentacles.

As far as I know it is still not possible to read the audio timecode directly in Premiere CC. Is this information still correct?

What’s currently the best solution for syncing with the tentacle timecode under Windows?


AVID MC does it. But that is not what you wanted to hear i think. 🙂
Maybe Deviancy Resolve can do it too but i don’t know if it has a windows version.


I know it’s possible in Avid. 🙂

There is a Da Vinci Resolve windows version. We’re using it for color correction.

I’ve read that it should be possible to sync there an export  a XML to Premiere.

Can anybody confirm that?


I’ve been to a show for Resolve, they say xml export to PP is possible. But; try it!


I just tried it and Resolve can convert the audio TC to file TC, but there’s a catch.  If I record the video in .MP4 format, Resolve reads the audio tracks and converts the audio TC to file TC just fine.  When I record the same way, but use AVCHD, Resolve can’t detect the audio tracks and therefore can’t convert the audio TC to file TC.  However, Resolve won’t write the TC back to the original file.  So, while Resolve can do the job of converting and using the audio tc internally, the Tentacle Timecode Tool is the only solution I have now for writing the data back to a copy of the original file.

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