Synchronising an FS7 with a Zoom H6

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I’m operating an FS7 this weekend on a shoot and we’re recording separate sound on a Zoom H6.

I have access to 2 Tentacle Syncs which i’m hoping to use for timecode.

I have the XDCA-FS7 rear end for the camera allowing timecode in and out. This all works, no problems at the camera end.

The issue lies with the Zoom H6 as I don’t have access to it until Sunday on the shoot.

Should it be a simple case of jamming the H6 as one would with another Tentacle, and if so, which input is this done via? We’ll be using the XLR inputs for lapel and boom mics.

From what i’ve researched, i’m led to believe it can be done via the Line In input, however i’m no expert in sound, let alone the H6.

Any help would be greatly appeciated