Syncing (Genlocking) Arri Alexas from a Tentacle

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As all the current Arri cameras (Alexa, Alexa Mini and Amira) can Genlock or sync from the timecode stream from a lock box, they can of course do so from a Tentacle. For long concert recordings where sync is important to prevent drift, I normally use another brand of lock box for this, and a client of mine is a bit worried about trying it with something so small as a Tentacle. We see a lot of Alexa Minis on hand held or steadicam rigs lately. The camera operators would prefer Tentacles!

I’d like to be able to tell him of people that are using Tentacles to Sync Arris in real life.Is anyone here doing this over longer takes (10min-90min) with success? The only post here I could find about this they were having trouble with green flashes, but I think their Tentacles were on the wrong framerate.


Hi Ulrich, Thank you for the reply. I am aware of this, it is exactly how I work with Ambient Lockets on Arri cameras. I only bother where takes are longer than 10 minutes or so, but in my case filming concerts and Theatre, sometimes takes are 90 minutes long and drift is a real issue. What I was asking is if anyone has actually used or tested setting Genlock Sync to TC In using a Tentacle over long periods of time with success.

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