Syncing problem – same timecode, camera date wrong?

Hi, I’m having a very strange problem with syncing some footage. Two GH4s with Tentacles attached, jammed from my 633. The problem seems to be that the video and audio clips are hugely offset (see attached picture – my two points shown are 1 frame off but you get the picture.)


The strange thing is that I did everything properly (not my first rodeo with this setup) and the Sync Map correctly reflects that audio timecode read from the video clips and file timecode read from the audio clips does indeed match. I have narrowed it down to the file date stamp, which somehow on the GH4s is incredibly off. Perhaps it’s reflecting a date when the footage was transferred from one drive to another?


Not sure what’s going on here, or how to fix it. Setting an offset on either set of clips doesn’t seem to be helping me – I’m exporting XML files for usage in Premiere CC.


I’d appreciate any help anyone has to offer!


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Hi Paul,

this looks like you have enabled the “Use file creation date to separate footage of multiple shooting days” option in the settings.

When checked the file creation date information will also
be taken into account in the synchronization process.
This can be helpful when synchronizing footage of multiple days.

But this function will fail if the real time clock of your camera or sound recorder has not been set properly.

So try to uncheck this option and hit the sync map button again.

Hope that helps!


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