Syncing video + audio by TC in Premiere Pro


First time using Tentacle. Our audio guy ran a Tentacle systems into our Sony A7sii cameras and recorded time code as an “audio” track.

Now, I need to sync the 2 cameras + audio files. How do I tell Premiere to read the timecode that was ran into the audio track?

I tried to sync normally, and Premiere synced with the timecode of the camera, not the TC  that was sent by the Tentacle to the audio track.

Please help. Thanks!


Hi Austn,

the problem is, Premiere itself is not capable of reading Audio Timecode.

But there is an easy solution for this. You can use our software Tentacle Sync Studio to achieve this. Just download it here and request a free fully functional trial version:

All you have to do is to drag in all your audio and video footage and hit the sync map button. Sync Studio will automatically find the matching files and create a multicam sequence. You can export this sequence as an xml for premiere.


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