Syncsoftware crash on h264 export

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i, i,’m trying to export synced clips using the tentacle sync software for OS.

Exporting in all Prores settings works well.

Problem is with h264 export. Only lowest bitrate works. On all higher settings the app crashes and stops.

Original files are Alexa Prores 444 2k videofiles and Sounddevices 48k/24b poly wave audiofiles.

Using macbook pro 2015 El capitan and USB3 hdd.



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Many Thanks Bart,

this is a bug wich occurs when encoding material to h264 bigger than 1080×1920. We just have fixed that bug and we will release a new version next week. As a workaround you can select the resize option “HD 1920×1080”. This will export the h264 encoded movie without crashing.

– Max


We have just released Tentacle Sync V0.99 Build 1852 wich will fix this issue. Please download it here: