Tentacle with C300 MKII

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I want to shoot a multicam with my C300 MKII and a Panasonic GH4. Would both the following scenarios work?

  1.  Could I send freerun TC out of my C300 and jam the tentacle to the C300 (master) then simply plug the tentacle into and leave it in on my GH4.
  2. Set the tentacle as master and jam my C300 to the tentacle then move and leave the tentacle plugged into supplying TC to the GH4 audio track?

Does your software take the GH4 footage and export a prores video file with timecode in the right place to be seen by FCPX – i.e. not in the audio track?



You want two Tentacle’s, one for the C300 and one for the GH4. The C300 internal free run clock is not reliable.

The Sync Studio software can export to ProRes with the correct freerun timecode in the metadata.