tentacle setup not recognising tenacles

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My tentacle setup app isn’t recognising my tentacles. Nothing happens when they are plugged in to my phone:


Sony Xperia Android 5.1.1


tentacles are new so latest firmware.


It worked on my partners iPhone. I tried using the iPhone cable with my android. I don’t think it is a problem with the extension cable provided as the unit charges when plugged in so is getting power.


Any ideas?




I got new Xperia, which I thought would work. It uses a style of micro USB I haven’t seen before. This works even less! The tentacle isn’t receiving power through the USB so I guess I need a new OTG cable.


Is there any way to use the headphone socket like on the iPhone? I installed the app on my husbands iPhone and it worked but I can’t get it to work on Android. This is an issue as I have no other way to access settings on set.