Tentacle Sync and Final Cut Pro X Audio Roles

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After syncing clips with Tentacle Sync Studio, exporting an XML file for Final Cut Pro X, then importing the XML file into Final Cut Pro X, the moment I expand a Multicam clip to assign custom audio roles Final Cut Pro X immediately crashes every time.  As wonderful as it is to have perfectly synced multicam clips Roles are an integral part of working with Final Cut Pro X, and if we are unable to assign Roles this is a serious drawback.  I have assigned custom Roles, both audio and video, to thousands of clips in multicam containers that were created by either Plural Eyes or Final Cut Pro X directly and never had this issue.  Again, with Tentacle Sync clips the app crashes immediately.  What steps do you recommend to avoid this?

UPDATE: Any time I try to do ANYTHING to a clip inside a multicam clip created with Tentacle Sync FCP X crashes.  As well as the above making a single change to color also causes an immediate crash.  Why are the multicam clips created with Tentacle Sync so unstable?


Hi Gabriel,

thanks for your question. FCPX export is one of our new features in Tentacle Sync Studio Version 1.10. We did three month of extensive beta testing with a lot of footage. But of course we can not test footage form any camera/soundrecorder in combination with any kind of OS and FCPX version.

I’ am sorry that you have issues and I somehow can understand you, but instead of letting us know how unsatisfied you are, it would have been better to give us some information we can use to help you to get rid of this issue.

So let me ask a few questions:

  • Tell me something about your setup on set. What cameras did you use? What audio recorder did you use? Have you used audio timecode? Have you used Tentacle Sync Units or did you buy a standalone license of the software together with a competitors product?
  • Tell me about your operating system version? What version of FCPX are you using? Did choose to export an FCPX XML Version 1.5 or Version 1.6 in the XML export dialog?
  • Could you please explain step by step what you do until FCPX does crash? Maybe documented by screenshots? Or a litte screener video?


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