Tentacle Sync and Final Cut Pro X Audio Roles

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After syncing clips with Tentacle Sync Studio, exporting an XML file for Final Cut Pro X, then importing the XML file into Final Cut Pro X, the moment I expand a Multicam clip to assign custom audio roles Final Cut Pro X immediately crashes every time.  As wonderful as it is to have perfectly synced multicam clips Roles are an integral part of working with Final Cut Pro X, and if we are unable to assign Roles this is a serious drawback.  I have assigned custom Roles, both audio and video, to thousands of clips in multicam containers that were created by either Plural Eyes or Final Cut Pro X directly and never had this issue.  Again, with Tentacle Sync clips the app crashes immediately.  What steps do you recommend to avoid this?

UPDATE: Any time I try to do ANYTHING to a clip inside a multicam clip created with Tentacle Sync FCP X crashes.  As well as the above making a single change to color also causes an immediate crash.  Why are the multicam clips created with Tentacle Sync so unstable?


Upon further testing, by creating a new multicam clip in FCP X and then copying the clips out of the Multicam clip created by Tentacle Sync Studio and pasting them into the new multicam clip everything works exactly as it should, no crashes, no problems.  This shows that while Tentacle Sync Studio is correctly syncing the clips it is not correctly creating the multicam clip for FCP X, so something is wrong with the XML file that is being generated.  I even tried to import that file in DaVinci Resolve, which can correctly interpret FCP X XML files, and it was unable to create a multicam clip using that XML file.

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