Tentacle Sync app manual

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Is there a manual for the sync software? I thought I remember seeing one but maybe not as I can’t find it. I am doing a 5D test tomorrow, so if there is one, it would be useful.




Hi Mike,

the manual is not ready yet, but thanks for reminding us. We have a german version, but I think this wouldn’t help you that much.

But the software is pretty self explaining. Just drag and drop your media folders in the main window, wait for analyzing to be finished and thats it. Click on any clip you like, it has already been synced. For Export you can choose between two options: Movie Export will create new synced Quicktime Files. You can choose Pass through, if you do not want to alter the tracks (just syncing) or you can transcode your material to ProRes on the fly. The other option is to export a XML file, where no media files are generated. The XML points to the original media instead.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


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