Tentacle Sync E, and Canon XC10


I recently bought a tentacle sync E, and I would like to use it on my Canon XC10. However, I can only get one channel of sound, namely the timecode channel, the microphone channel seems not to give any signal. My setup will allow me not to use the scratch audio from the tentacle sync E, but the scratch audio would provide me with one more way of syncing if for some reason the timecode would not work.

Best regards, Johan

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Hi Fokke,

Thank you very much. This is the solution, and it does seem like the XC10 is not capable of providing power. What I will do is to make a y-connection 2*TRS (female) to 1 TRS (male), and route signal from one channel of my sony microphone, and the timecode from tentacle to the other channel channel, to the camera. Its not the most elegant way, but it works. Thank you! So after all, it was a camera problem, not a tentacle problem, as you first noted 🙂



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