Does tentacle sync have issues staying synced to Zaxcom Nomad and it’s other recorders?

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I’ve been hearing from some sound professionals that the tentacle sync does not stay in sync when jammed from a Zaxcom Nomad? IS there any truth to this and is there any solutions to this? I’ve told the only solution is to buy 2 and have on as the master but then there is this need to have to buy more when your shoot involves more cameras. I feel like if this is true that’s a bit of a deal breaker. Your thoughts.


What a terrible spec from Zaxcom! gee.


Hi Alejandro,

having a look at the nomad tech specs brings some light into this interesting question: Nomad and all other Zaxcom products use a TCXO with an accuracy of 1.54ppm. This equates to a frame in 6 hours. Tentacle Sync has a factory calibrated TCXO with 0.45 ppm and a temperature range from -30 to +85 Celsius. This is 1 frame in 24 hours worst case. If you use the Tentacle Sync at normal temperatures its accuracy is much better, usually 0.1 frames in 24 hours.

So its not about the Tentacle, it is about the nomad. Even with a competitors product, I would highly recommend you to use two of them. One on the nomad and the other one one the camera.