Tentacle sync e send timecode over bluetooth?

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Can the Tentacle sync e send timecode over bluetooth?

I’m asking because it would be awesome if it could pair to the iphone as a mic and send the timecode audio over as some video apps support bluetooth mics.  This would be useful especially when using the iphone on a gimbal.



I still haven’t got an sync-E but i know it does send timecode over bluetooth, but only to his own application, not as timecode signal into another (video) application.

What you could do is attach a SyncE (or the original) to the iPhone and record the signal as audio into the video app. They don’t weigh that much.


Thanks for the reply.  The problem is the iphone doesn’t have a headphone jack which really sucks and there is not enough room for the dongle to fit in the bottom when on the gimbal.


Well, then use the good ol’ clap.. or Plural Eyes. Or both.