Tentacle Sync Studio feature request

Hi, firstly great work with the tentacle and all the work your doing with the software.

I’ve been running some tests with the Tascam DR10 miniature belt-pack recorder. This device records only one channel so i recorded a ten second burst of timecode from the tentacle at the start of the recording then swapped out the tentacle for a lav mic to record the audio. Ive found that unless the timecode is there at the very start of the file (ie plugged in before you press record) then Tentacle Sync Studio won’t find / lock onto it, even with “Reading Range” set to “beginning of file”. I realise that the software was perhaps written with the intention for LTC to be present continuously on an audio track, and i also realise that its possible the audio will drift as the work clock in the DR10 isn’t amazing. However my request is for an option in the “Reading Range” to automatically hunt out any timecode bursts incase its not possible to record the burst at the very start of the file. Is possible / feasible to include in a future revision?


Kind regards, Mat Adams


Hi Mat,

thanks for your suggestion! With Reading Range set to beginning of file it already should work the way you described it. So maybe you send me some sample files (via wetransfer, dropbox or googledrive to [info at tentaclesync dot com]) and I will have a look at it to get this implemented properly.


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