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Hi there,

I know this question has been asked before, but that post is a year old and i thought maybe things have changed.

Anyways, is there any chances to get a manual or a thorough walk through of the sync studio, whether on paper (pdf, etc) or video?

there are loads of options and features that need to be explained more and i like to get to a shoot well prepared. Ie: i have a canon 5d multicamera shoot to match my 633, but i haven’t been told what editing software the editor will use. so what is the best way to go about using sync studio and what is the best file format to provide to the producer?

Thank you in advance,


Answered question

Hi Marco,

you are totally right. There is definitely a lack of documentation for Tentacle Sync Studio. What I can promise is that we are doing a tutorial series on Youtube very very soon.

Generally when doing multicam I would recommend exporting an XML or AAF Export. Media export can also be done with Multicam projects but here only the audio of the 633 will be synchronized to each camera since it is not possible to write Quicktime files with multiple video tracks.

Hope that helps


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