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We need a tutorial for Tentacle Timecode Tool as well, there is basically nothing about it on the internet, in fact, I just bought your standard pack of Tentacle Sync E thinking that Tentacle Sync Studio was your one and only software but alas, I’m a mere Windows user. But most importantly we need Tentacle Sync Studio on WIndows ASAP!
Are you working on it? Because you have to admit it, it’s waaaaay better than Tentacle Timecode Tool.

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This forum is mainly a user helps other user, the Tentacle Team is around here sometimes, but not very frequent. Better write them an email.

But your request for a windows version of TSS is not new.  Ii have no idea why, but it is not an easy re-write i am told.
Maybe it is wise to write Tentacle an email, with your request. Maybe it helps.

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