Tentacle won’t connect to iPhone

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Just got the new tentacle sync and it won’t connect to my iPhone. Please help.

I already went through all the suggested procedures and it does not work!

I also noticed that this is at least a 2 year old issue.

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I have the same problem with a iPhone 6S+. I came to the conclusion that the problem is the cables (TRRS) 4-pin, I have tried several brands, check them with a continuity meter and all work. But won’t connect the Tentacles with the phone.
I got some that work perfectly no matter
which end you connect where, others connect just one way. I think there is some measurements differences between the rings of the connectors. Problems with quality control.

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i have the iPhone 6 with the latest iOS. I tried all of those things but I don’t  have access to another iPhone at the moment. I don’t feel that I should have to buy another cable when this is a key point of sale. That said I’ll just change settings with my laptop for now.


What kind of iPhone do you have?

If you are using the iPhone setup cable, it sometimes helps to flip the sides and if you restart your phone. And you have to turn on the Tentacle. Your phone needs to allow the App to access the headphone port and the volume has to be all the way up. You should try it on another phone to eliminate a defective cable and if it works you can get the Apple 3.5mm headphone to Lightning adapter cable, which does the job.