Timecode drift.

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I just did a wireless sync and did a screenshot,
It’s not always the same one but they are off by one frame.
Is it because of the screenshot that it’s not accurate?


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Hey Julien!
Thanks for reaching out to us!
The displayed timecode in the setup app can not be shown as accurate and stable as the timecode of the Tentacles TC-output really is: It depends on the Bluetooth signal, the screen-refresh-time of your smartphone and other “crumpy latency dwarfs”.
So, the offset you’ll see when you do a screenshot is normal. And you do not have to worry about that: The Tentacles themself are perfectly in sync. You can prove that i.E. by filming the blinking SyncE-LED in HFR slow motion.
Greetings from Cologne.
Niklas // TentacleSync

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