Timecode Recorded to Left AND Right audio tracks

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Timecode seems to have somehow been embedded into BOTH channels of audio on my camera….
(example: https://vimeo.com/709338204/66f5b37bc0)

Does anyone know HOW this might have happened, any fixes, and how to prevent this happening again?

Further details for context/investigations:
– Example is a Sony a7s3 shooting 50fps
– Using a combo of new and old generation SyncE units (4 in total)
– Using the app to sync all units and stop/start TrackE recordings

– I’ve used SyncE to sync all files and export XML to Premiere

– Raw files sound the same/same problem outside of Premiere


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Hi Andrew. I’m also using a Sony Alpha. You are using the mic input for recording the TC, right? I’ve had the situation that if the 3.5 mm plugs aren’t plugged in properly (all the way in) it can happen that the TC will be recorded on both tracks. I hope this helps. Cheers! Michael

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