What specific Atomos Shogun settings are required to use Tentacle timecode?

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Has anyone successfully used TentacleSync with the Atomos Shogun recorder who could let me know all the specific settings that were necessary on the Shogun?

What I tried specifically: I have a Shogun the firmware of which I keep up-to-date (currently v6.51) that, according to Atomos, currently accepts external timecode input through its “Genlock” BNC connector on the back of the Shogun unit.

I changed the software setting on the Shogun (~23.98fps) that allows the Genlock connector to accept timecode and connected a properly set-up Tentacle (~23.98fps) to the Shogun’s Genlock connector using TentacleSync’s 3.5mm to BNC connector (which is bi-directional).  I recorded audio on a Zoom H5 recorder, with LTC timecode from a second properly set-up Tentacle (~23.98fps) recorded onto the recorder’s secondary audio track.

The difficulty is that the TentacleSync software for Mac shows that each of the Shogun video files recorded on the same day contains timecode that starts at 01:00:00:00, which is not the timecode that the Shogun’s Tentacle provided, while the corresponding audio recordings contain timecode that start at various times (e.g., starting at 19:25:20:00), which is indeed what the audio-recorder’s Tentacle provided.  Unsurprisingly, the TentacleSync software cannot sync these video and audio files (the “sync map” shows, as one would expect, the video files starting and ending before the audio files even begin).

Thanks for any details anyone can provide regarding Shogun settings that will work with TentacleSync.