When no audio-tc on camera, audio sync with file-tc and overwite video clip with audio-Tc

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Sometimes, I have “mute” video clips with no Audio-tc on my rushes.
Tentacle sync them anyway with their File-TC… That can lead “Audio-Tc video rushes” to be overwritten with “Mute” clips.
How to force tentacle to by-pass video clips without audio-TC, or to make sure audio-TC always sync with audio-TC and not file-TC.
Thank you

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I don’t think there is preference that ignores all videoclips that have no LTC on audiotracks. Of course you could manually go through the video clips in TSS and delete those who have no AUDIO-TIMECODE, so they won’t appear in the Sync Map. But you want TSS to do that for you i suppose.
Maybe good idea to write a suggestion by email.

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