Workflow for FCPX? – Coming soon…..?

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Hi Tentacle,


Can you please confirm the workflow for FCPX? is there a fix for the software yet.

I am trying very hard to convince and indie producer to use TC but he is a (lowend) FCPX user. Using 3rd party software such as sync n link or resolve or anything else other than Tentcal Studio will put it in the “too hard” and “too expensive” basket for him. It was a struggle just to get him to consider tentacle Studio.

Related question: Tentacle Studio requires either a licence key or a Tentcale Unit to be attached to computer via usb – or both? Is there a manual downloadable some where?


Hi Ulrich,

Great thanks, thats a big help. I am still working on getting the producer over the line for this upcoming feature. FCPX compatability is a big plus for the purposes mentioned.

So if understand you correctly (sorry to be dense) I dont personally need to buy a copy of the software?

I will be able to use the software with the Tentacle units used as a usb dongle?  So in theory If I get a standard set and a single set I would technically have three licences of the software?

If the producer decides to buy his own copy of the software he can do so and he will recive his own licence software key?

If the producer wanted to use the software using my Tentacle Units as a usb dongle there is no restrictions stopping him downloading the software and doing so?



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