Workflow for FCPX? – Coming soon…..?

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Hi Tentacle,


Can you please confirm the workflow for FCPX? is there a fix for the software yet.

I am trying very hard to convince and indie producer to use TC but he is a (lowend) FCPX user. Using 3rd party software such as sync n link or resolve or anything else other than Tentcal Studio will put it in the “too hard” and “too expensive” basket for him. It was a struggle just to get him to consider tentacle Studio.

Related question: Tentacle Studio requires either a licence key or a Tentcale Unit to be attached to computer via usb – or both? Is there a manual downloadable some where?


Hi Gerard,

every Tentacle Unit allows you to get a free activation key for Tentacle Sync Studio. The keys can be used independently of the hardware then.

Also it is always possible to activate Sync Studio temporarily by connecting a Tentacle unit as a hardware dongle via usb.

So if you would buy a standard set plus a single set you will have three independent licenses plus the hardware dongle functionality.

Hope that helps!


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