Workflow Sound Devices 633 + Red Epic / Dragon

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Hey guys!

I received my order with 2 units yesterday and I want to try them out in the next days.

What is your preferred workflow to combine a Sound Devices 633 + Red Epic or Dragon?

Should I use the internal Clock from the tentacle sync and use it on the 633 via External Timecode? Or is it also a way to sync both of my units with the TC Generator from the 633 und use booth units on two different cameras?

Another question: Are the cables Lemo –> Tentacle and Tentacle –> Lemo really different cables? I have both now and I can’t see a difference with my Sound Devices 633.

Thank you for answering my questions and see you soon!


You will get a fuller answer from the Tentacle team but just to mention that a 5 pin lemo has pins for in and pins for out. Therefore the cables are most definitely different. At the other end the Tentacle 3.5mm jack uses the same (tip) for in and out but the device is switched between send and receive as such.

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