working with audio inputs and tentacles

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Am thinking that tentacles can help with my situation, so have a question before buying them.

I film some medical surgeries and also medical conferences. I think the tentacles can work well for our situation, is there a way to work with external audio at the same time?

For instance, in the conferences, we have 2 cameras on gimbals that we walk around with getting footage. These sync up with 5 feeds from AJA Ki pros from the main presentation. I would like to be able to sync the 2 roaming cameras to the main feeds, but I also need audio coming in from the roaming cameras. We have been using small shotgun mics plugged into the cameras for when we interview participants during breaks etc.

So, is there any way to input external audio and use the tentacle at the same time. I am trying to avoid putting audio recorders on each rig as well.


Hi Eric,

what types of cameras do you use on the gimbals?

Basically it is no problem to record TC on one channel and audio from a shotgun on the other.

Best, Max

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