Zaxcom QRX235

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Hi, I’ve been trying to jam sync a tentacle with a Zaxcom QRX235 with no success either as master or slave. I wonder if there are any particular settings on both devices that would make that happen or should I just give up. Thank you.


Thank you Ulrich,

Still no luck with the QRX235. It looks like the problem is on the QRX235 side, as I was able to jam the Tentacle from a Zaxcom ERX3TDC without any issue (setting the TC output to 0.5 Volts). At any rate, that achieved what I needed, so it’s all fine for the time being.




Hi Simon,

we have not tested this, but since the QRX235 and Tentacle do SMPTE timecode it should work.

I had a quick look into the QRX235 Manual and found a wiring diagram for the 3.5mm (1/8 inch) timecode jack. Although the QRX uses the same connector, it’s wiring is different to Tentacle. Tentacle uses TIP for timecode in and out, whereas the QRX does output timecode on the TIP and has its timecode input on the SLEVE.

So jamming a Tentacle from a QRX should be possible, but not feeding timecode from a Tentacle into the QRX since the wiring is different here.

I attached the wiring diagram for Tentacle and a screenshot from the QRX manual.

Hope that helps!


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