No audio timecode found

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I have seen the problem in the forum, but i cannot find the answer.
So i thought i would just ask;)

We recorded audio TC on the second track of a FS-7.
Everything checks out: 25 Fps, it is audible on the playback.
But the computer says NO AUDIO TIMECODE FOUND.

Does anybody know what is going on?

Answered question

Hi Willem,

my guess is that you accidentally used the wrong settings for mic/line level on the FS-7. Normally this is not a big issue and Tentacle Sync Studio can read the TC even if it is distorted.

But we found out that the FS-7 does do strange things to audio signals when using the wrong mic/line settings. When so, the TC signal does somehow sound like timecode and also the level meters show something useful, but in fact the signal is not usable.

So I would recommend anyone who is using the FS-7 to double-check that the output level of the Tentacle does match the input level (mic/line) of the FS7 when recording audio timecode.


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