No audio timecode found

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I have seen the problem in the forum, but i cannot find the answer.
So i thought i would just ask;)

We recorded audio TC on the second track of a FS-7.
Everything checks out: 25 Fps, it is audible on the playback.
But the computer says NO AUDIO TIMECODE FOUND.

Does anybody know what is going on?

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For anyone still experiencing this issue in 2020, I want to add up on this as I just made some successfull tests.

  • FS7 was set to MIC on Channel 2
  • FS7 Channel 2 Volume was set to manual, 10/10 (max volume) – it didn’t clip
  • Tentacle Volume was set to manual MIC (because it mistakenly chose LINE in auto)
  • I recorded shots in 25p and 50p to see if they would cause errors in a shared timeline


  • Successfull audio timecode sync in Tentacle Studio
  • Successfull audio timecode sync in DaVinci Resolve
  • I was able to create a coherent multicam timeline involving both 25p and 50p shots.

You’re welcome.
If you missed the basics: The FS7 mindblowingly has no TC Input. As such, the Tentacle setup has to be via 3.5 mm phone jack (Tentacle) to XLR (FS7).
Remember to tag your cameras in the file metadata in your editing program, so it realizes which clips to put on which video track.

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