audio timecode intermittent

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Setup (double system)

Tentacle Sync to GoPro 3 Hero Black /using Tentacle Sync GoPro cable / Camera on tripod with sync-box mounted on camera.

Tentacle Sync set to Frame rate 23.98 @ Mic Level

Audio recorder Sound Devices 744T @ 23.98 as master clock


The GoPro recorded intermittent audio timecode. When I play the video, I can hear the audio timecode “chirp” here and there in the video. The Tentacle Sync “GoPro” cable is new. The synching software reports that there is no audio timecode and cannot sync the video to audio. I made many recordings over several days and each video has the same problem.

Has anyone had or solved this problem?

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The intermittent audio timecode problem was caused by the GoPro “frame”(original style) mount that did not allow the 10 pin connector to fit correctly. I filed the hole of the frame to allow the connector to fully insert and the TC signal is no longer intermittent.

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