Auto-detect frame rate?

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In the manual it states, under “Technical Specifications”:


Automatically detects and takes over incoming frame rate on jam-sync


Does this mean that regardless of what frame rate the Tentacle is set to it should switch over when it receives a valid timecode signal? That is how I am reading it, yet it does not appear to be the case. Depending on the two rates I can get it to accept the timecode jam, but it does not adjust its frame rate to match that of the external source.

Firmware is 3.70. I’m testing it against a Sound Devices 633. Manually setting the frame rate in TentacleSetup works. It just doesn’t automatically detect it.


Hi willig,

sorry for the confusion. The auto frame rate detection is a planned feature for the Tentacle that will come with the next firmware update in march. It has not been implemented yet.

Hope this helps! Best,



Good to know. Thanks, Ulrich!