Big issue with the latest version of tentaclesync software

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I’ve some big problems to sync with your latest version. It’s happened on 2 major project for Converse and l’Oréal. I was seriouly embarrassed. I want to

The configuration was two 5dIII, one soundevice 744; one zoom h6. The sync of all the device has been done with the lemo cable wiht the tc of the soundevice. I do it all the time and it used to work fine.
You can the problem with the capture here (it’s a test to understand what’s going on). The tc seems to be fine…

Can you help me with this ?



Hi Vivien,

I can see in your screenshot that you have selected the wrong sync source for both audio and video clips.

Please set it to “Audio Timecode first” in the settings window and try again. Hope this helps!

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