Big issue with the latest version of tentaclesync software

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I’ve some big problems to sync with your latest version. It’s happened on 2 major project for Converse and l’Oréal. I was seriouly embarrassed. I want to

The configuration was two 5dIII, one soundevice 744; one zoom h6. The sync of all the device has been done with the lemo cable wiht the tc of the soundevice. I do it all the time and it used to work fine.
You can the problem with the capture here (it’s a test to understand what’s going on). The tc seems to be fine…

Can you help me with this ?



Thanks for your quick answer. This is much better. There is still some file marked in red. Is it normal ?

There is also a problem when exporting an xml : with multiple audio files (one with 8 track + 3 of the zoom), when opening in fcp or premiere, there isn’t all the audio files. Do you know this problem ?

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