Big issue with the latest version of tentaclesync software

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I’ve some big problems to sync with your latest version. It’s happened on 2 major project for Converse and l’Oréal. I was seriouly embarrassed. I want to

The configuration was two 5dIII, one soundevice 744; one zoom h6. The sync of all the device has been done with the lemo cable wiht the tc of the soundevice. I do it all the time and it used to work fine.
You can the problem with the capture here (it’s a test to understand what’s going on). The tc seems to be fine…

Can you help me with this ?



A reason for for some files not want to sync could be that you might have pressed pause during recording on your Zoom recorder. Pressing pause will result in a timecode break in the file, wich Tentacle Sync can not (yet) handle.

By the way, we have just released a new version of Tentacle Sync, you should give it a try… you can download it under

Regarding your 5D audio input: We have not encountered any problems with the cables so far. Maybe the receptacle of your camera has a problem. The sound loudness change could have something to do with Tentacle’s Auto Mic Level detection. Normally Tentacle outputs at Line Level, wich is to much for the 5D’s audio input.
Normally when you plug a Tentacle into the mic jack of your 5D Tentacle will automatically detect this and switch over to mic level.
When having problems with a shaky connection the Tentacle can get confused and switches over from line to mic and back to line, wich result in changes in output level. You can try to set the output volume of your Tentacle to Mic manually and deactivate the Auto Mic Level to avoid this.

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