Did I buy 4 TS by mistake?

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So – bought 4 tentacle sync thinking (based on the tutorial videos) that I’d need 1 per camera.

I own 4 GH5 bodies and a sound devices 633 mixer.

Problem: I can see that the GH5s have a timecode function baked in.

Wouldn’t it make sense to: sync to my mixer, then plug/unplug the ONE tentacle sync to each camera? Or do I still need to record each tentacle to their respective audio tracks?

Bonus question: what’s the ios app for? (I can’t think why i would need this)

Thank you!


thanks a lot! that’s very helpful indeed!


Your buy made sense. The timecode generators are not reliable, even if they can run in FreeRun mode. Use the tentacles.
Just start one tentacle in TimeOfDay mode by pressing the ON button for a long time. Jam the 633 from that, jam the other tentacles from the first tentacle or 633, and you are set. When the 633 has been off for a while, check i the TC is still the TOD. If not, re-jam it

You need the app for changing timecode frame rate. If you are like me living in a 25fps country you seldom need the app.