Can you sync time code if your audio has a 19ms delay?

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Hi there, I’m curious if I can sync my video and audio if my audio has a 19ms delay? For audio I have my deity connect (which has a 19ms delay) running 2 lavs into my zoom F6 and a boom mic (set to a 19ms delay) and for my camera I have a BMPCC4K. Is it possible to set correct that delay on your time code Systems or is it just something I have to sync and align correctly in post?

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There is not an offset field within Tentacle Sync Studio. But you might ask yourself if that would help if the delay is 19ms. Because, in a 25FPS enverioment, 1 frame is 40ms. So, it would be approx. half a frame.

The BMPCC camera translates the audio stream into timecode, but who will tell you if it syncs to the frame boundary? I don’t think so; ergo; your camera is not more accurate then 1 frame and could be half a frame offsync too! Whenever i meet latency issues between audio and video i more often see that video is too late. So; if your audio is 19ms late; in the end it might be even more in sync then when you correct your audio latency!

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