Why are some clips not being synced?

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This is my first time using Tentacle Sync. We ran timecode into 2 dslrs (sony A7sii) and recorded TC on the audio track.

I am trying to sync the 2 cameras + the audio that was recorded separately.

Tentacle Sync sync’d a lot of the footage to the audio, but not all. A lot of clips seemed to have been skipped. What are troubleshooting options for this?

Most of the problem seems to be that it sync’d one camera to audio, but not the 2nd. And those clups aren’t on the sync map (timeline) at all.

Any suggestins here? Thanks.


Woohoo! That was it! Thanks what a relief. Was in the process of manually syncing about 40 clips.

The problem may have been, that the 2 cameras both used the same labeling system for clips. C001, C002, etc.

Perhaps correcting this would work. But looks good now thanks Ulrich!

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