Feeling Ripped Off

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I have just purchased two Tentacle Sync devices and feel like a stepchild when it comes to software options. I’m not clear what the Windows software does for me since the software has no mechanism to automatically sync the audio with the video. Do I have two expensive bricks that aren’t useful until one purchases an Apple computer or can these devices be used in a productive manner in a Windows environment.

I’m trying to decide whether I should send these back for a refund as I don’t have access to a Mac computer.


Hi Wil,

as described at our online shop and website, Tentacle Sync Studio is only available for OS X. Our Timecode Tool for Windows can read and implement audio TC into the metadata of the files to be used with the implemented syncing features of professional editing applications¬†like Premiere and AVID.¬†We are working on a Tentacle Studio version for Windows. But we can’t promise when it will be released.

If you have any other issues you can contact us directly under support@tentaclesync.com

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