Firmware update loop

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Hi, one of my tentacles is stuck at the “activating Firmware Update Mode…”

It says “it can take some time to install” but now is over 30minutes i’m waiting… giving that the other one took a second to process and less than a minute to do the firmware update i’m guessing there’s something wrong going on, please help me.



P.s. my machines are macbook pro running 10.9.5 and a pc with Win7 Pro 64bit


Thanks Max i tried different times and on a pc and a mac but after it asks me if i want to “update to the latest Version 3.65 Firmware” and i click “Update Firmware” it goes on the second screen (please see pic attached) and stays there loading…

I can’t click the Update Firmware button as you can see it’s greyed out because firmware update mode isn’t active. On my other Tentacle everything went fine.


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