Firmware update loop

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Hi, one of my tentacles is stuck at the “activating Firmware Update Mode…”

It says “it can take some time to install” but now is over 30minutes i’m waiting… giving that the other one took a second to process and less than a minute to do the firmware update i’m guessing there’s something wrong going on, please help me.



P.s. my machines are macbook pro running 10.9.5 and a pc with Win7 Pro 64bit


Here is a short update: We checked the device serial number and we found out that this Tentacle unit was one of the first 50 units we have shipped. These units have been completely programmed and hand-assembled by our selves.  Actually I must have forgot to enable the firmware update mode on this single device. This means the unit is still working as it should, but it refuses to update the firmware. We will swap it asap.

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