How to sync with premiere pro?

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So I’m kind of struggling to figure out how to sync audio+video in Premiere Pro and when on a PC.
-I went through Studio Sync on a Mac and exported synced files (.mov) which play great on Mac, but as soon as I try playing them on PC (Windows 10), only audio plays. Even when I try and import the whole file into premiere pro, there is only an audio file.
-Thus, I’m now trying to see if there’s a way to sync my files directly in premiere. How would one do that?

Thank you for all the help!

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@Ruben; I am not a Premiere expert, but the idea is that you import the video by importing the XML that Tentacle Sync Studio generated. And linking is not done retroactively. Hopefully i am wrong! Maybe you can post your question on a Premiere forum, and if you get a satisfying answer, paste it here too

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if i import the XML into Premiere, is there a way that the sourcefootage linked to the footage that is imported in front in Premiere?

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After playing around a lot and scouring the web for answers, I think I found a solution for all those of you who will be in the same spot as me.

  1. Open Sync Studio, and click Sync Map to make sure everything looks good.
  2. DON’T click export Media, but instead choose to export an XML file. Should be a very light file, really just a text file. Now put that file in the same folder that contains both your video files and the audio files.
  3. Open up premiere.
  4. Create a new bin (per example scene 54), and in that bin dump all your audio and video files. Once that is done, just drag in your xml file. If it works for you like it did for me, you should have a new sequence with all your synced files automatically created.

Tristan Bouan

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